Oklahoma History 

Standard 4:Oklahoma Constitutional Government

Content Standard 4: The student will analyze the formation of constitutional government in Oklahoma.
Compare the governments among the American Indian nations and the movement for the state of Sequoyah.
Describe the proposal for an all-black state advocated by Edward McCabe.
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Explain the impact of the Enabling Act on single statehood.
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Describe and summarize attempts to create a state constitution joining Indian and Oklahoma Territories including the impact of the Progressive and Labor Movements resulting in statehood on November 16,1907.
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Compare Oklahoma’s state government to the United States’ national system of government including the branches of government, their functions, and powers.
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Describe the division, function, and sharing of powers among levels of government including city, county, state and tribal.
Identify major sources of local and state revenues and the services provided including education, health and human services, transportation, courts, corrections, and public safety.
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Describe state constitutional provisions including the direct primary, initiative petition, referendum, and recall.