United States Government 

Standard 5: Citizenship

Content Standard 5: The student will be able to evaluate the significance of civic participation in order to ensure the preservation of our constitutional government.
Define civic virtue and explain the individual’s duty and responsibility to participate in civic life by voting, serving on juries, volunteering within the community, running for office, serving on a political campaign, paying state and federal taxes prior to the April 15th annual deadline, and respecting legitimate authority.
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Explain the naturalization process under the laws of the United States.
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Analyze how our system of government provides citizens opportunities to monitor and influence the actions of the government and hold elected officials accountable.
Analyze factors affecting the political process and their role in government, including the role of political parties, interest groups, mass media, public opinion, and campaign funding.
Explain the steps of the electoral process including the components of local and national campaigns, the nominative process, and the Electoral College.